The Reputation Accelerator feature offers the ability to ask visitors about their experience in your community through the kiosk, an email, or texted link.

Surveys capture valuable feedback from family members and other visitors that can be used for community marketing, creating content for social media, or making improvements in your community, while reviews allow a visitor's positive comments to be posted on Google reviews or social media.

See the instructions below for setting up the Reputation Accelerator feature.


Enabling Reputation Accelerator


To enable Reputation Accelerator for your community, simply send an email to or log into your Dashboard and fill out the information request box under the Marketing Home tab.

Once enabled, you'll have access to: 

  • Create customer review campaigns 

  • Create online surveys 

  • View reports of active or past campaigns

Creating a Campaign


Begin creating a review or survey campaign by signing into your Dashboard account. 

  • Select "Create Campaign" under the "Marketing" tab

  • Enter the campaign information by following these 5 configuration steps. See the image and a description of each of the 5 steps below:


#1 - Campaign Name: The name that you will internally title this specific campaign.   


#2 - Audience Type: Select the visitor types that you would like the campaign to target.


#3 -  Rating Categories: Choose between Standard Categories or Custom Categories. Standard Categories are fixed and cannot be edited while Custom Categories allow you to add up to 3 custom dimensions.

  • Standard Categories:

  • Custom Categories:

#4 - Website to Send Visitors: You have 3 choices of where you want to send visitors who have successfully rated. Google, Other Website, or Nowhere.


When selecting Google, you will direct all visitors to your Google review page. You can enter in the URL of the online review. Information on how to create your Google review link can be found here. 

Other Website:

When selecting Other Website, you can enter any URL besides your Google business review link. 

This area can send visitors to any platform of your choosing, but you decide how you want to engage. Here you can select the rating that triggers their feedback to be sent to another platform. You have the option to engage visitors that not only had a positive experience, but also had a negative experience. Whether it be surveys, invitations for events or to leave a review on your site, you can be as creative as you want.



When selecting ‘Nowhere’ you are choosing to collect ratings and nothing else.

Success Screen Message:

Enter the messages to display on the success screen depending on a visitor's response. You can customize your messaging based on the type of feedback being left. 

#5 - Schedule: Schedule your campaign by entering the date that the campaign will start and end. We'd recommend utilizing longer campaigns that run for several months. 

You have the ability too: 

  • Choose how often each visitor will see the website prompt.

  • Choose how often each visitor will be asked for their feedback.


Alerts: Alerts are based on ‘Overall Satisfaction’ ratings. ‘Overall Satisfaction’ is a fixed category for both standard and custom ratings categories.

To get started:

  • Select "Set Up New Alert"
  • You can choose specific active staff members from your community to receive either text or email alerts when different types of feedback are left.

  • For example, you may want a few staff notified when negative feedback is left - which should prompt them to log into the dashboard, review that feedback & get in touch with that person to rectify their issue.

  • You may also want to utilize alerts for positive experience as a way of boosting morale. Staff could log those positive reviews for social media usage, sharing internally, ect.

  • Enter the alert information and settings, then click "Save."  
  • Click "Publish Your Campaign"


Campaign Summary

The ‘Campaign summary’ page is a list of everything you configured in your campaign prior to publishing. If everything looks good, you can publish your campaign from here. If you would like to make any changes or edits, you can click edit, make your changes, and click "Publish Your Campaign" again to see those changes in your campaign summary.