The reviews and surveys feature offers the ability to ask visitors about their experience in your community through the kiosk, an email, or texted link. 

Surveys capture valuable feedback from family members and other visitors that can be used for community marketing, creating content for social media, or making improvements in your community, while reviews allow a visitor's positive comments to be posted on Google reviews or social media.

See the instructions below for setting up reviews and surveys. 


To enable reviews and surveys for your community, simply send an email to or log into your Dashboard and fill out the information request box under the Marketing tab.

Once enabled, you'll have access to: 

  • Create customer review campaigns 
  • Create online surveys 
  • View reports of active or past campaigns


Begin creating a review or survey campaign by signing into your Dashboard account. 

  • Select "Create Campaign" under the "Marketing" tab

  • Enter the campaign information by answering the 5 configuration questions. See the image and a description of each of the 5 questions below:

#1 - Campaign Name: The name that you will internally title this specific campaign.     

#2 - Visitor Type: Select the visitor types that you would like the campaign to target.

#3 - Prompt Question: How will you ask visitors to rate their experience in your community?

#4 - Select a review or survey:

  • REVIEWA review allows a visitor's comments to be posted online to a Google review or a Facebook page. 
  • Select the rating that triggers their feedback to be sent to a Google review or Facebook page (Copy the review URL from the external platform and paste in the campaign configuration)
  • Select either a Google review or Facebook review and enter in the URL of the online review
  • SURVEY:  A survey collects a visitor's comments about their visit experience in a survey. 
  • Select the rating that triggers their feedback to be send to the survey
  • Enter in the URL of the online survey (Copy the survey URL from an external survey that you create through a platform such as Google SurveysSurvey Monkey, FacebookInstagram, etc.)
#5 - Goodbye Message: Enter the "goodbye" messages to display depending on a visitor's response.

  • Enter the date the campaign will start and end and how often each visitor will be shown the survey

  • Create marketing alerts
    • Select "Create New Alert" 

  • Enter the alert information and settings, then click 'Save'.  

  • Select "Yes" to publish the campaign


A survey or review is prompted during the sign out of a visitor who meets the criteria set for the campaign. 


  • Tap "Sign Out" on the kiosk and follow the prompts.
  • After selecting who you are here to visit, the review or survey question is asked.
  • Answer the question "Please tell us how satisfied you are with our community." If an email was entered previously, the survey link will be sent via email.  


The reporting for all campaigns can be found in the "Reports" tab under Marketing in your Dashboard. 

  • Select the start and end date for the data you would like to see. Then, select which campaign you would like to view information from. Click "Search".

  • Select the visitor types you would like to see data about.

  • Once filtered, you can click on the blue download button under each smiley face to view the information in an Excel spreadsheet.