Use the Accushield Dashboard to set text and email alerts based on predefined conditions of sign-in and sign-out activity at the kiosk in your community. Event alerts are a great way to be informed when specific Events are chosen by visitors and vendors during the sign in process. 

Events can be helpful for Tour or other event notifications when a group or individual signs in at the kiosk. Have your Event alerts for Tours go to your Marketing or Sales Director. 

Event Alert Set Up

To set up an Event alert, follow the steps below:

  • In your Dashboard, hover over the settings tab and choose Alerts and click "Create New Alert"
  • Next, enter the Alert's Name/Description. The description will be displayed at the top of the alert you receive by text and/or email. Example: "Someone Has Signed in for a Tour"

  • Once you've entered your Alert Name, click on the "Reason for Visiting" dropdown and select the "Event" option. After you select the Event you want to be notified about, the green Summary box on the righthand side of the screen will show you when an alert will trigger.

  • After you have selected the Event name, select the window of time time that you want to receive the alerts, and what email address(es) and phone number(s) should receive the notifications. Once done, click "Save".


Once you've created a new alert in the Dashboard, click the 'Alerts' tab to see a list of all existing alerts. From this page you can select any of the options below for a listed alert: 

  • View alert history
  • Disable alert
  • Edit alert
  • Delete alert

If you have questions about Alerts, or anything else Accushield related please email us