• Does the Document Management feature cost money? Yes, the Document Management feature does have an associated monthly cost. For details, please email documents@accushield.com and a team member will assist you with pricing. 

  • What if someone is exempt from submitting documents for religious, medical, or other reasons? Should someone be exempt from submitting documents for religious, medical, or other reasons, there is no way to exempt them at this time. However, we suggest uploading a document that states why the person is exempt and approving the document so they can sign in.

  • Can I give someone a temporary extension to submit documents? You are unable to provide a temporary extension to one person. You can extend the grace period for the document required at any time, though it will apply to all kiosk and mobile app users.

  • Do I have to be using the Mobile App to use the Document Management feature? The document management feature can be used without the Mobile App, though it does put more of the work on the community. Mobile App makes this feature much easier for communities to manage as the majority of the uploads can be done by the mobile user. If you are interested in our Mobile App, please email us at mobile@accushield.com.

  • How will I be notified when a kiosk or mobile user cannot sign into the kiosk because they didn't submit their documents before the Grace Period expired? At this time, there are no notifications that you can set up for the document management feature. However, if you are having badges print for your kiosk users that's a great way to know if someone was stopped during sign in or not! 

Thank you for your interest in our Document Management Feature!