Once you have created your required documents, there are two ways that documents can be submitted. If you are a mobile enabled community, mobile users will be prompted to submit the required documents via the app. If you are not Mobile enabled, documents can be submitted on behalf of the kiosk user via the Dashboard. To inform your outside guests and staff that documents are required, you can use Accushield features such as Group SMS for Staff, the Kiosk Welcome Message, or Community Policies.

Submitting via Mobile 

When using the mobile app, the user will be prompted to submit any outstanding documents through the sign in process. Once they've completed the health screening portion of the sign-in (if enabled) they will be asked to submit the required documents. Should the user be within their grace period for the document in question, they can click next to continue and complete the sign in. Once the grace period has passed, they will not be able to complete the sign in process without having submitted the required document. When using the mobile app, the user can upload the required documents directly from their phone. For this example, we will use the Covid-19 Vaccine Card upload. 

Once the mobile user completes the screening process (if enabled) they will then select the document for upload. First, they will be prompted to select the type of vaccine received, enter the dates they completed the required document, and upload the file. When using mobile, a file must be uploaded to proceed through the sign in. Once the file is uploaded, the mobile user will click "Save" and then "Ok" to complete the sign-in. The submitted document will then be available for review in the Dashboard.

If you are collecting a proof of booster, the user will be prompted to submit their booster card during sign in once the waiting period that's been set by the community has expired. 

When the user selects the "Documents" option, they will see any documents under review, accepted or rejected. Auto responders are a great way to inform your guests, vendors and staff if their document status changes.

Submitting Documents During Sign in on the Kiosk

If your kiosk is enabled with the Covid-19 Vaccination question, your kiosk will capture both a Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination for any person who has is not in compliance with your community's Covid-19 documentation policy.

If the visitor, vendor or staff member is signing in via the kiosk, they will be prompted to take a picture of their Covid-19 Vaccine card or Covid-19 test based on their response to the Covid-19 Vaccination question. If the kiosk user answers "Yes" to having gone through the full vaccination schedule, the kiosk will prompt them to capture their Covid-19 Vaccine Card at the end of the health screening process. If the kiosk user selects any other response, they will be prompted to capture an image of a negative Covid-19 test at the end of the health screening process. In the example below, the kiosk user has selected "Yes" to having received the full vaccination schedule: 

First, the kiosk will ask if the individual has their vaccine card, or proof of test with them. If they say "Yes", they will be asked to choose the vaccine received. 

Next, the kiosk user will be prompted to select the date of their first and second dose. Once complete, they'll select next and will then be asked to take a screenshot of their proof of vaccination.


Should the kiosk user not have their proof of Covid-19 Vaccination on hand, a warning will be triggered. A community staff member can override capturing the image should you be using Document Management alerts. If your community is using the Document Management alerts, a text and/or email notification will be triggered. Please see the "Customized Alerts for Document Management" section below for more information on the types of alerts you can create for the Document Management feature. 

Submit Required Documents Behalf of Staff, Vendors, Volunteers and Guests

If you are not a mobile enabled community, or if a kiosk user does not have access to the mobile app, a Dashboard Admin user can upload the required documents on a person's behalf through the Document Management Tab. To upload documents, select "Submit Documents". Then, you can choose to upload an individual documents, or do a Bulk Upload. Below we'll show you how to upload an individual document. Click here to learn about bulk upload.  

First, select the Visitor type you are submitting on behalf of, enter their name or phone number and click "Search". 

Once you find the user you are submitting documents on behalf of, click the radio button to the left of their name. This will then prompt you to select the document you are submitting for the user. After you select the document to submit, fill out the required information (date, vaccine or test type when applicable, and approval status). When submitting documents via the Dashboard, it is not required to upload the document under review, however you can easily upload up to two images per required document.  To do so, select "upload image" and choose the appropriate documents from your files. Once the upload is complete, select your approval status, enter a comment to the user and click save.

Now that the documents have been submitted, should you need to review them at any time, click the edit icon next to the submission under "Verify Documents". There, you can look at both images quickly by clicking the left or right arrow below the document. You can download the images easily as well. 

Should your community or facility allow for Covid-19 Vaccination exemptions, you now have the ability to select the reasoning for a Vaccine exemption upon submission. To approve a vaccine exemption, select the "Submit Documents" tab within Document Management. Next, search for the individual you are submitting an exemption for and select the "Covid-19 Vaccine Card" option. 

Now, you'll want to select click the "+" symbol next to "Covid-19 Vaccination Exemption". Lastly, select the exemption reason and enter an expiration date of the exemption and click save. If needed, you can upload a document for your records (ex. medical note from a doctor explaining the exemption). 

Once you've selected "Exemption Approved", the individual will no longer be asked to provide their Covid-19 test or vaccine when answering that they've not been vaccinated. They will continue to answer the vaccination question, however.

Now that you're collecting documents, it's time to review and verify the documents that have been uploaded via the Mobile App or the Dashboard.

Thanks for your interest in Document Management! 

  • To sign up, or for additional information, please email us at documents@accushield.com
  • For support, contact us at communitysupport@accushield.com
  • For feedback on this and other features, please email us at ideas@accushield.com