This article walks you through thermometer troubleshooting tips in case you have any issues with your SafecheckN Model-E534879  thermometer. Most thermometer issues can be resolved by following the instructions in this article.  Read through the checklist below to begin troubleshooting. 


  • Confirm USB Connection

If you are experiencing issues with your thermometer not taking readings, confirm that your thermometer is securely mounted by firmly turning the 2 black mounting screws on the back on the thermometer. If not secured properly, the Mini-USB connection can disconnect.

           For detailed thermometer installation instructions, click on the link below: 

Thermometer Install Manuals and Videos

  • Reset thermometer

If during a sign-in no temperature reading is displayed, restart the Accushield app by tapping the Accushield logo at the top of the kiosk home screen 5 times quickly and the "Kiosk Description" page will appear. Tap "Restart App". Once the kiosk returns to the sign-in screen, the thermometer should display properly. 

A close up of a sign

Description automatically generated


  • USB confirmation message

When the thermometer Mini-USB is connected and the green light confirms it is powered on, a kiosk message will pop up on the kiosk screen asking to "Allow the app Kiosk to access the USB device?"  Select "Use by default for this USB device" and tap "OK." You must tap OK to for the thermometer to work on the kiosk.

  • Restart Kiosk App

Tap the Accushield logo at the top of the kiosk sign-in / sign-out screen 5-6 times and the "Kiosk Description" page will appear. Tap "Restart App" at the bottom left side of the screen. After about 5 seconds, the kiosk will automatically return to the sign-in / sign-out page. 

For detailed instructions on restarting your kiosk app, click the link below: 

How to Restart the Kiosk App

  • Confirm settings for Integrated Thermometer

Sign in to your Dashboard account at  Select Settings and then Kiosks.  Find your kiosk in the list and select the Blue Edit Icon.  

The Thermometer Type should be set to Auto Capture and the correct Thermometer Model selected for the integrated thermometer to operate with your kiosk. 

For more detailed instructions on thermometer settings, click the link below: 

How to Enable the Integrated Thermometer

To update thermometer type and other thermometer settings in the Dashboard, you must have Community Admin permissions.  Click on the link below to see who has Community Admin permissions:

How To Identify Your Community Admin 

  • Kiosk placement

The position of the thermometer is vital to capturing accurate temperature measurements. Visitors must stand directly in front of the thermometer about 1-1.5 feet away. The reflection of the visitor's eyes should be visible on the face of the thermometer (see kiosk image below). The thermometer must face away from bright lights or hot surfaces and have a clear line of sight to the visitor's forehead. 

Click on the link below for how to best set up your kiosk: 

Thermometer User Guide

For additional support, contact us at or call 800-478-5085, ext. 202.