As SafeCheckN is a newer product these instructions are for the Accushield product, but the setup is exactly the same. Download the mobile app by searching for "safecheckn mobile" in the app store/ play store, and NOT the Accushield app.

Mobile sign-in / sign-out works for staff only at this time.  Phase 2 will be guests.  

1.  Installation Video -

2. Attached - PDF with instructions on what to do in the dashboard to set it up and what to do with the hardware.

Please be sure to read the pdf instructions as the scanners have to be activated by scanning the barcode in the PDF.  

Summary steps:

A.  On each kiosk, tap the logo 5 times to pull up the settings page and make a note of which Location / Community this kiosk is assigned to.  

B. Log into the dashboard.

C. Make sure all your staff has their correct mobile number in their staff account.  It must be the mobile number associated with the phone that they're using.

D. Go to Kiosk Settings.

E. Go to Scanner Type; choose Sleek Free Standing, then click Save.

F. Reboot the kiosk or go to the setting in the kiosk and tap Restart App.

G. Connect the scanner to the kiosk with the provided cable as shown in the video, click "Ok" to use this USB device on the kiosk when prompted.

H. Scan the activation barcode in the attached PDF.

I. Download the mobile app "safecheckN mobile" (not the Accushield app as shown in the video).  Note there is no "i" in SafecheckN.

J. Register your app and verify the phone number as prompted.

K. Sign in on the app and follow the prompts; scan the barcode on the scanner to finish sign in / sign out.