1. While the kiosk is on, remove the thermometer completely (i.e. unscrew and unplug the thermometer itself as well as unplug the cable attaching the thermometer to the kiosk if the cable is present).

2. Re-attach the thermometer and thermometer cable, making sure to screw the screws in tightly and to seat the cable firmly and properly in the thermometer’s micro-USB port and the kiosk’s micro-USB port if you have the cable attached.

3. Once the thermometer is attached to the kiosk, wait a full five minutes for the thermometer to go through its calibration process (make sure the thermometer is not pointed towards any lights or windows).

4. After the five minutes are up restart the kiosk app by tapping the Accushield logo on the top of the kiosk sign-in page five to six times and then tapping Restart App.

5. Once the app restarts, attempt a sign-in and temperature scan.