This article helps vendors (Healthcare and Service Providers) prepare to use the Accushield Mobile app. The mobile app will allow vendors to sign in at the Accushield kiosk when entering the community without touching anything other than their phone. 

The steps below will help vendors download and use the Accushield Mobile app. 

Downloading the Accushield Mobile App for Vendors

  • Any vendors visiting the community using the mobile app and scanner for signing in must have previously manually signed in at the kiosk. Once the vendor has signed in at least once at the kiosk manually, the mobile app will recognize their account and allow a mobile sign in. 
  • Have the vendor download the Accushield Mobile app through the Apple Store or the Google Play Store by searching for "Accushield Mobile".

Vendor Sign in Flow on Accushield Mobile 

  • First, the vendor will open the Accushield Mobile App and select the community they are visiting that day. Next, they will select their visitor type. This only applies if the provider has signed in previously as a staff and/or visitor. If the've only signed in as a healthcare or service provider, they will not need to select their visitor category. 

  • Next, they will tap either "Sign In" or "Sign Out".
  • Once the correct community and service type is selected, the vendor will choose what type of service they are providing: Healthcare or Non-Healthcare. They will also search for the company they work on behalf of, or choose self-employed if they do not work for a company. 

  • After the Healthcare and Service Providers selects their company, they'll choose if they are in the building to see a resident, staff member, or attend an event. They will then choose the appropriate resident or staff member they are in the building to see, or choose the event they are attending.  
  • If your community is using the health screening questionnaire, the vendor will then be asked to complete your community specific screening questions. 
  • Once selected, they will confirm their visit details, a QR code will be generated. The QR code is good for up to an hour before their visit. 

  • After the QR code is scanned, the vendor's temperature will be automatically taken (if the customer is using an integrated thermometer) and a badge will print out, should badge printing be enabled. 

For questions or concerns, please email us at or call us at 800-478.5085 Ext.202