The Accushield kiosk has the ability to track staff sign ins and contains a list of your staff members that can be searched when a visitor signs in to identify whom the visitor is seeing. The staff list can be updated manually in the Accushield Dashboard or automated through an API or SFTP from your HR system that contains your staff list (Kronos, Paylocity, ADP, etc.). See below for more information.  

Staff File Import API

Any system that can send a CSV (comma-separated values) file of your staff to our API (application programming interface) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) endpoints can use our Staff File Import API or SFTP.  Once your file is received, our API/SFTP imports your staff file and syncs it with your Accushield kiosk and dashboard.  We recommend automating the sending of your file on a nightly basis. 

Through the staff API/SFTP, you are able to specify staff roles (kiosk user only versus displayed in kiosk) and Dashboard permissions. 

  • If you would like to use the Staff File Import API OR SFTP, send an email to and we will provide you instructions for formatting your CSV file and how to set up the API or SFTP.
  • Our communities who have set up the API or SFTP work with their IT person or representative with the system that contains their staff list to complete the setup
  • Once you are ready to start sending your resident file, send an email to with:
    • The community ID or facility ID for your community in your system.  This will allow us to sync the staff file we receive through the API to your Accushield kiosk and dashboard
    • The email address where you want to send the import confirmation email.  Confirmation of your import is sent as a full file email with the success or failure status for each staff record