Through the sign-in process, you have the ability to capture the home addresses for outside healthcare and service providers, visitors and volunteers. 

Enable Address Capture

To enable Address Capture, sign into your account. Hover over the "Settings" tab and select the "Sign in Features" option.

Next, under the Community Sign In Features section, select visitor types you'd like to capture home addresses on. Once you select the appropriate visitor categories, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save".

Kiosk Behavior

On the kiosk, during the provider, visitor, or volunteer sign in process, the user will be asked to enter their home address during their initial registration once address capture feature is enabled. 

For every subsequent sign in, the kiosk will remember the home address, but they will need to confirm it's still correct. They can edit the address at any time.


To access the visitor address data, go to the "Reports" tab and choose the "Visitor Log/Ledger" option. 

Now enter the date range you wish to view the data for and click submit. 

Next, hit "Export to CSV".

 Now select "View Exported Files".

When the report export has been complete, there will be a blue download icon next to the request report. Once you select the download icon, the report will download and will include a column with the visitor's address.

For questions or concerns about this, or other Accushield features, please reach out to us at