As part of our ongoing focus on keeping your information secure, Accushield is implementing new security enhancements. All Accushield Dashboard users will be required to verify their email address and update their password to meet our password strength requirements. To avoid losing access to your Accushield Dashboard user account, please follow the instructions below to verify your email address and update your password before Monday, January 17th. After you've performed these initial security enhancements, we will require you to change your password every 90 days.

Should you experience any issues with the following, please try a new web browser (ex. switch from Safari to Goggle Chrome). If issues persist, please capture a HAR file that we can provide to our developers for review:


When signing into the Dashboard you will be required to verify your email address. To do so, go to the website. Click sign-in. 

There, you'll be prompted to enter your email address and click "verify". You'll be unable to select "Sign In" until you go through the verification process. Please note, if you've already selected "verify" at any point, you will not see the verify button. However, the system will provide the option to resend the verification link, as seen in the image below. 


Now that you've clicked "Verify", check the email associated to your Dashboard account. There you should find a verification email. If there is no email from Accushield, please check your Spam folder. In the body of the email, click "Verify". This will then take you back to your Dashboard account, where you can update your password.



Once you've verified your email address, the next step is to update your password with one that will match the new security requirements we've implemented. To complete the security enhancement process, enter your current password, then create and confirm your new password. 

Your new password must include the following:

Your password must have:

  • 8 or more characters
  • Upper and lowercase letters
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character
  • Passwords are case sensitive
  • Don't use your username in your password
  • Avoid using a password that you use with other websites or that might be easy for someone else to guess
  • You cannot use a password that has been used before

Please note, once you have updated your password to meet the above security requirements, you will be asked to update your password every 90 days.

Thank you for complying with our new Dashboard security measures. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your community's Dashboard administrator or email us at