Create Your Required Documents

Once the Document Management feature is enabled, the 5 options at the top of your Document Management menu will be highlighted in green. This means you are now ready to use the feature. First, you will want to create the document(s) that you need to collect by selecting "Create Documents".

Once you select "Create Documents", a list of templates will populate the screen. Until you enable a required document, each option will remain greyed out. Once enabled, the required document will be highlighted in green. By selecting the list view icon in the upper right hand corner, you can view and search for your enabled required documents. For set up instructions, we will use the "Covid-19 Vaccine Card" option as an example*. 

First, hover over the Covid-19 Vaccine card option to edit the requirement by selecting the pencil icon.

Once you click on "Covid-19 Vaccine Card" you'll see the accepted default vaccine brands, and you are able to add vaccine options (like Johnson and Johnson) should any others be available and approved for you to collect. When you add the additional vaccine options, enter the number of doses that are required.


When adding a document to collect, enter both a Grace Period and a Start Date, and then select the Approval Type. Once you enter all required information, click "Save". You can edit all of these fields if your needs change. 

  • The Active Date is the date you need to start collecting the required document.
  • The Grace Period is the time period (in days) that the kiosk user has to submit the required document for approval after their first sign in once the Start Date has passed. Once the grace period has expired, the kiosk user will no longer be able to sign into the kiosk.
  • Approval Type: 
    • Auto approval** automatically approves the document submitted. You can review and deny a submitted document at any time.
    • Manual approval requires a Dashboard Admin to review the document submitted. Kiosk users may sign in during the Manual review process until the Grace Period has expired.
    • Sign In on Submission** enables the person to come into the building if they have submitted their required documents whether or not they've been reviewed. In this case, the documents still need to be reviewed and approved/denied by a Dashboard Admin.

*If you only needs to collect proof of a negative Covid-19 test upon completion of a full vaccination schedule, be sure to check off "Enable COVID-19 test exemption for fully vaccinated visitors" under the "Covid-19 Test" document. In addition, you can require a COVID-19 Test result for fully vaccinated people if they have tested positive or been exposed to a positive case.

**Both Auto approval and Sign In on Submission will allow the kiosk user to sign in without the required documents going through the admin approval process**

If you needs to collect Custom Documents, you can build out custom required documents, such as Flu Vaccinations or the signature page of a Staff Handbook. To create Custom Documents, select "Create Custom Documents" and begin building out the requirements associated to that specific document. 

Now that you've created your required documents, it's time to begin collecting and verifying the documents. A Dashboard admin can submit the documents on behalf of a kiosk user. 

Thanks for your interest in Document Management! 

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