If your organization is enabled with Document Management, you can create alerts that will be triggered should someone not be vaccinated, submit a positive or inconclusive Covid-19 test, or not have the required Covid-19 related documents to submit. 

To enable the Document Management alerts, select the Documents tab via your dashboard.safecheckn.com account and then choose "Alerts". Once in the alerts section, click on "Create New Alert" to get started.

Next, name your alert (Ex. Positive Covid Test), select the kiosks the alert should accompany and the visitor types you need to be notified about. You'll then need to select the scenario(s) where you want an alert to be triggered (Ex. A visitor is not vaccinated for COVID-19) and if you want to allow a staff member to use an Override Code" to for flagged visitors. 

Finally, select the time frames you want alerts to be triggered and the staff members who need to receive the alerts and click "Save" Please note, at least one staff member must be receiving text alerts in order for the override code to be enabled. The override code will be the phone number of any staff member receiving the alerts.

Thanks for your interest in Document Management! 

  • To sign up, or for additional information, please email us at documents@safecheckn.com
  • For support or feedback on this feature, contact us at support@safecheckn.com