The Accushield Love Meter is a tool that customers can use to meet the needs of residents who may not be getting visits from family or friends. Using the Love Meter report via the Accushield Dashboard, you can quickly identify the residents that have not received visits from family or friends during a specified window of time. 

Using the Love Meter report, customers have created care packages for residents who are often on the report, or on special holidays like Valentines Day have ensured that the residents who are not receiving visits get a special treat to make them feel loved and appreciated. In addition, the Love Meter can help you identify why a residents mood has recently changed. For example, one of our partner communities realized that a resident who had recently begun to isolate had not gotten visits from their beloved daughter, as they had before. The community was able to reach out to the daughter to discuss the need for a potential visit in order to lift the resident's spirit. Customers have also used the insight gained from the Love Meter to identify which residents could use a visit from a community volunteer, or more 1-1 time with staff for example. 

To use the Love Meter, simply log into your Dashboard account, hover over the "Reports" tab and select "Care Report". Enter your desired time period and click submit. Once the report is generated, you'll see the Love Meter, which will display the residents who have received the least amount of residents in the selected timeframe.