Communicate via Auto Responders 

Auto Responders allow you to efficiently communicate with your outside visitors and staff members on their submission status. With the Accushield Mobile app and Accushield kiosk, everyone can submit the required documentation to gain entry into the building and receive approval status notifications via Email or SMS on their documents submitted. You can send automated responses to your kiosk users for the following scenarios: 

  1. The Document Submitted was Approved
  2. The Document Submitted was Rejected
  3. Document was Successfully Submitted

To set up Auto Responders, hover over the "Documents" tab. Next, select the "Auto Response" option and click "Create New Auto Response". 

Now, you can build out the auto responses needed. Each scenario will needs its own auto response (denied, approved, submitted), but you can also have different auto responses based on visitor type as well. Once you select the auto response reason, a generic subject line and message content will populate on the right side of the screen. The fields with brackets will automatically fill in when the message is sent - so you don't have to worry about editing those. However, you can made other edits if you'd like.

Once you click save, the auto responder will be active. When using auto responders, any time you verify or reject documents through the "Verify Documents" tab, the appropriate automated email or SMS will be sent.

Thanks for your interest in Document Management! 

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