Why does my kiosk have a subscription error? 

Accushield customers pay a monthly subscription, which includes quarterly shipments of badge tape, technical and customer support, and access to Health Screening and Visitor Management tools. When customers fall behind on their monthly fees, they will see a kiosk error. In addition, the Dashboard will also include a banner at the top explaining the billing issue. 

Below are examples of the kiosk messages based on the severity of the account delinquency:

When your account is past due, you can easily make payments by logging into your Dashboard account and following the prompts below. 

How do I resolve my billing issue?

In order to resolve. your billing issue please log into your dashboard.accushield.com account. There, you can either click the "View Account & Pay Bill" button or, under "Billing" select "View Accounts".

If the View Account  tab is clicked, our Accounting software, YayPay, will be launched in a different browser window. Upon clicking the link, the account status will be set to ‘Accounting Hold’, and the delinquency messages will no longer be displayed.

Once in YayPay, you can select one, or many, existing invoices and work through the payment process. You can also click the green $ icon to initiate a payment on an individual invoice. You are able to pay by credit card or ACH.  

For questions, please reach out to us at accounting@accushield.com or give us a call at 800-478-5085 ext 202.