Staying up to date on your Accushield bill is part of your community's contractual obligation. If your account balance goes into delinquency, you may run the risk of your service becoming interrupted. To avoid service interruptions, you can conveniently sign up for automatic payments or pay invoices as needed via our 3rd party accounting software, YayPay.

Once you pay your first Accushield invoice, you will receive access to your account via the Dashboard under the billing tab by choosing "View Account". There, you can pay your bill by debit/credit card or set up an automatic payments for convenience.

In YayPay, make payments on existing invoices by selecting one, or many, 

invoices and work through the payment process that populates on the right of the screen. You can also click the green $ icon to initiate a payment on an individual invoice. 

You are able to make a one-time payment by credit card or ACH. To stay up to date on payments, YayPay offers an easy way to set up Automatic Payments through ACH. This will ensure you stay timely with your payments despite potential changes to your billing contact.

Finally, if you need to update your payment method at any time, simply select "Manage Accounts".

For questions, please reach out to us at or give us a call at 800-478-5085 ext 202.