Kiosk Look and Feel

Accushield is launching a new look and feel to the kiosk in May 2022. The new kiosk user interface (UI) will be delivered via a proven, best in class design system. According to Colleen Caporal, Director of Experience Design, “We spent several months researching, engaging in design thinking and studying geriatric usability needs. We then applied ADA US 508 and WCAG 3 standards to our design and our new look and feel scores exceptionally high on standard accessibility measurements. We are excited to roll this out to our customers!”    

Highlights of the new design include:  

  • Using a device optimized fonts and internationally recognized iconography.

  • Increasing the size of ‘touch targets’ to account for two finger touch, based on geriatric research.

  • Leveraging colors that support visual acuity/impairment issues

  • Optimizing contrast ratios to ensure all users can perceive the information.

  • Using simplified, positive, and purposeful directional language changes

  • Expanding the use of clear assistive text — like tooltips and call to actions.

At this time, the functionality of the kiosk and the kiosk sign-in and sign-out flow is not changing. View a sample visitor sign in with the new look and feel below:

The Home Screen

While the home screen and the entire kiosk flow has gotten a refresher through the new UI updates, you will still have access to all of the features you have come to rely on through the home screen. 

  • Continue accessing your Evacuation Report, kiosk settings, print a test badge,  and restart your kiosk app by tapping 5-6 times on the Accushield logo at the top of the main screen. 
  • Transition between English and Spanish language as needed by selecting the "Spanish" option at the top right of the kiosk's main screen.
  • Should you need help from the Accushield team, learn how to get in contact with us by selecting the "Help" icon at the top right. 
  • Lastly, access your kiosk's ledger to see who is signed in or out by tapping towards the bottom of the main screen 5-6 times. We've removed the grey bar from the bottom so the ledger is less obvious for anyone who should not have access to the data in the ledger. 


Service Provider Type Options

To provide more precise reporting, we have expanded our list of Healthcare Service Providers to include more specific options. On sign-in, healthcare providers will see an expanded list of options to choose from. Accushield will group these service providers into the proper categories for compliance reporting. When healthcare providers enter your community next, they will be prompted to select their category from the new list after which it will be remembered upon future visits.  

Have feedback on the new kiosk design? Please email us at