Updated Post-Visit Text Message with an Embedded URL Link

Previously, the URL included in the text message that is sent to your community's visitors could be quite lengthy, which could result in the text message being broken up into multiple messages. This would cause the user to not be able to click on the URL and leave an online review for your location. Now, the survey link will be embedded into a URL, which will shorten the message to the visitor and make the text message easier to read. Please see below for an example of the new post-visit text message.

Additionally, Accushield will now automatically input the correct Google search URL for the page where users can write a new review for your community, based on the shipping address we have in our system for your community (please contact us if you need to change your shipping address). You can edit the Review URL if you’d like at any time.

Editing an Active Campaign

Previously, you were unable to edit an active campaign and, instead, would have to deactivate the campaign and make a new one with the changes needed. Moving forward, you will be able to easily update and edit your active campaigns to meet your needs. 

To edit your active campaign, log onto your Dashboard and access your "Marketing" tab. Next, click on your "Campaigns", select the Edit icon and make the required changes before saving.

One Active Campaign per Visitor Type

With this update, you can now have more than one active campaign at a time! One thing to note, only one campaign per visitor type can be active at a time, which will allow you to create and assign different campaigns to different visitor types. 

Send Review/Survey Link via Text Message at Auto-Sign-Out

We have heard from our customers that capturing review or survey responses for all outside guests, vendors or staff could be difficult if sign-out is not enforced. Now, a review/survey campaign link will be sent to a visitor at the time of auto-sign-out, which can maximize the number of visitors who are asked to leave a review.

To avoid texting kiosk users during "off hours", we will not send alerts during the hours of 9pm and 8am. 

Reporting Improvements 

We are excited to rollout reporting improvements to the Reputation Accelerator feature. The following changes have been implemented: 

  • Allow filtering by campaign type: Review or Survey
  • Allow filtering by participant category/visitor type: Community Staff, Service Providers, Family or Guest, Volunteer
  • Allow for downloading a report that includes all levels of the likert scale

Thank you for your interest in our Reputation Accelerator feature! 

To sign up for this feature, please email us at surveys@accushield.com

For additional support, contact us at communitysupport@accushield.com

For feedback on this and other features, please email us at ideas@accushield.com