The Healthcare Personnel (Vendors, Staff and Volunteers) COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Log allows administrators to review all entries to the facility over a selected week period and view each individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. This log will show all entries, including repeat entries from the same individual. 

To view this report, the Document Management feature must be active and you must be collecting COVID-19 documents.  From the Dashboard, hover over the “Reports” tab, then select “HCP COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Log”

From there, you can select a date range by clicking on the date pickers. The NHSN requires data to be reported in a weekly range as defined as a Monday through Sunday,  so first select Monday of the week you need to view. The following Sunday will automatically be selected as the end date. Once you have selected the proper date, click the “Submit” button next to the date pickers. A data preview should appear below if there are any records for the given week. Otherwise, it will display “Sorry, no logs found.”  The data preview will not display every column from the report, just a few select columns for your verification before downloading the report. 

Once you have selected the necessary window of time, click “Export to CSV” to queue up the report. You will receive an email when the report is ready for download. Alternatively, you can click “View Exported Files” and click the icon next to “Completed” once the file is ready.

Please note that this report will only show individuals that have signed into your facility through an Accushield kiosk, as Accushield can only track sign-ins through our kiosk. We are unable to report the number of eligible employees that may have called in sick, missed a shift, or failed to sign in at a kiosk. You may need to update the downloaded report manually if you know of eligible employees that failed to sign in at the kiosk.

For FAQs on the HCP Covid-19 Vaccination Log, please click here.

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