What is Bulk Upload? 

Bulk Upload for COVID-19 Vaccination data will allow you to migrate all COVID-19 vaccination data into Accushield so you can pull reports and view the data collected in our dashboard in one place. If you have been tracking vaccination data manually in spreadsheets, this is the perfect tool to get your data into Accushield. Once you import your data, our powerful reports will sort your data into the proper categories to assist in compliance and give you the insights you need.

Important Details to Remember

The instructions below will walk you through the use of the new bulk upload feature. Please be aware of these important details regarding bulk upload: 

  • Make sure all data matches any partial data that is already in Accushield or the whole row will be rejected.  

  • Make sure the people you will be uploading have already signed in to your community, as you cannot upload information on someone who has not signed in at your community.
  • Either a Phone number or Employee ID is required - this is how we validate the individual and all associated records

  • For best results, consolidate your records so that each individual you are uploading only has one record. Multiple records for an individual can complicate the upload process. 

  • It is ok to have empty cells if they do not apply. For example, typically a person that has a completed vaccination series, will not have an exemption, so those columns would remain empty.  Only 'Names', 'Mobile/Employee Id', 'Visitor Type' and ‘Is_vaccine_series_completed’ are required fields. 

  • The date entered should be in the format of XX-XX-XXXX

Bulk Import Instructions

To import bulk COVID-19 vaccination data, the Document Management feature must be active and you must be collecting the default COVID-19 documents (including boosters).  From the Dashboard, hover over “Documents”.  From there, click on “Bulk Upload” 


From there, you can download a CSV file template with the appropriate column headers.  Once you have added your own data to the file template, save it again as a CSV.  On the web page, click “Browse” to find and select your CSV file.  Once you have selected your file, click “Upload” to begin the process.  Immediately you will see the file is processing.  You can leave this page and come back later, or click the refresh icon to check the status.  It should only take a few minutes. 

Once the file is done processing, you will see the number of rows that were either accepted or rejected. For the rejected rows, download the error file to view the individual error causing each row to be rejected. After resolving each error in the file, you must delete the error message column and save the file. You can then upload those records again.  

For the accepted rows, you will see the number of rows that were successfully imported with a button leading to the Document Management “Reports” tab. There you will find all the recently imported records. 

Formatting Example and Description of Columns

  • Names(first & last): Must match exactly how the individual has spelled it when signing in ex: ‘Michael' not 'Mike’
  • Dates: xx/xx/xxxx   January First, would need to be typed as 01/01/2022.  
  • Phone Number: xxxxxxxxxx  No spaces, dashes, or slashes needed.  Ex: 7702693856
  • Phone + Employee ID: xxxxxxxxxx/xxxx Use one slash between the phone number first, then the employee id
  • Vaccine Brands(first_dose_name, second_dose_name, & booster_name): Enter the vaccine brand for each dose.  Spelling must be exact and match the format above. 
  • is_vaccination_series_complete: YES/NO Ex: If a user has received both doses of a primary series, then YES, otherwise, NO
  • contraindication_date: enter the expiration date for a medical contraindication otherwise known as a medical exemption.  The expiration date must be a date in the future
  • declined_date: enter the expiration date of any other exemption that is not medically approved. ie: religious, philosophical, other, no reason given, etc. 
  • Visitor Type: Enter the individual’s visitor type in Accushield. 

For information on how to submit Documents through mobile or individual upload, click here! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at communitysupport@accushield.com