Residents will use the kiosk in the opposite order of visitors by first signing out when leaving and signing in when returning. Residents in your community should always sign in and out specifically as a "Resident" to isolate the resident's information separate from all other types of visits. Also, you can customize the requested information during both a sign in and out such as: 

See the instructions below for resident sign out and in. 


  • Tap sign out on the kiosk screen

  • Tap "Resident" 

  • Enter the resident's last name

  • If the resident is leaving with a guest, the community has the option of capturing more information about that guest and where they will be going. If this feature is on, follow steps (a) and (b) below: 

a. Select “Yes” when asked “Are you leaving with someone?” If leaving alone, select "No". (This is a setting that can be made optional, required, or disabled from the Dashboard. See instructions in the Kiosk Settings article)

                                b. If "Yes" was selected, enter who you are leaving with, their phone number, and your destination

  • Select the length of time you will be away

  • You're now signed out and will need to sign in when returning


  • Tap sign in on the kiosk screen

  • Tap "Resident" 

  • Enter the resident's last name

  • Based on if the community has enable specific kiosk screens, answer the following questions: 
    • Answer the health screening questions
    • Prepare for an automated temperature scan or staff may manually record your body temperature in the space provided 
    • Answer the COVID-19 Vaccination Question
    • Read and accept any community policies or information

  • You're now signed in