Volunteers that visit your community should always sign in specifically as a "Volunteer" on the kiosk to isolate the volunteer visit information separate from all other types of visits. Also, depending on which Accushield application is installed on your kiosk, you can customize the requested information during a sign in such as health screening questions, phone number verification, and vehicle information.

See the instructions below for volunteer sign in. 


  • Tap Sign-in on Kiosk Screen. 

  • Tap "Volunteer" 

  • Enter your mobile phone number. 
  • Select “No” when asked “Have you used an Accushield kiosk before?”
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Confirm your name
  • Based on if the community has enable specific kiosk screens, answer the following questions: 
    • Answer the health screening questions
    • Record your body temperature in the space provided (community staff will take your temperature and give you the temperature reading)
    • Read and accept any community policies or information
  • Select either "Visit Resident", "Meet Staff", or "Attend Event" and select who or for what event you will be volunteering. 
  • Receive your name badge from the printer and wear while in the community (applicable only if badging setting is turned on by community) 
  • Remember to sign out when you leave.

Subsequent sign-ins following that initial sign-in are much quicker because the kiosk will remember you name, who you visited, ect.