As a Corporate user (Corporate Admin or Analyst) you will have access to Enterprise wide reporting via the Health Screening, Visitor and Staff Logs, in addition to all other reports minus the Care Report. These Enterprise level reports will allow you to access the data you need to see in one place. For example, if you need to see all Health Screening failures across your Enterprise group, you can easily do so by access the Health Screening Log at the corporate view. 

When you log into the Dashboard as a Corporate Admin, your view defaults to the enterprise level. For the example below, the enterprise group is named "Accushield LLC.". You can always navigate to a specific community using the dropdown at the top of the screen. 

Next, navigate to the report that you would like to view at the Corporate level. There, you can view data from the current month to date, or access auto generated monthly reports for the previous six months worth of visits. If you need to look at a specific date range for a single community, navigate to the community using the community dropdown menu at the top of the Dashboard.