Document Management can be used to request, collect and verify documents such as Covid-19 tests, Proof of Covid-19 Vaccinations, and additional custom documents for staff, guests, healthcare and service providers, and volunteers.

Once the Document Management feature is enabled, you can hover over the "Documents" tab and click the "Create" button from the dropdown.

Influenza Document Setup

  • Go to the “Create” section in Document Management
  • Find Influenza Document Template and click on it
  • Name your document, if necessary
  • Select the visitor types of will see the question by checking the appropriate checkboxes on the page: 

  • You'll then choose the Active Date (or Start Date), a Grace Period, and then select the Approval Type.
    • The Active Date is the date you need to start collecting the required document.
    • The Grace Period is the time period (in days) that the kiosk user has to submit the required document for approval after their first sign in once the Start Date has passed. Once the grace period has expired, the kiosk user will no longer be able to sign into the kiosk.
    • Approval Type: 
      • Auto approval** automatically approves the document submitted. You can review and deny a submitted document at any time.
      • Manual approval requires a Community Admin to review the document submitted. Kiosk users may sign in during the Manual review process until the Grace Period has expired.
      • Sign In on Submission** enables the person to come into the building if they have submitted their required documents whether or not they've been reviewed. In this case, the documents still need to be reviewed and approved/denied by a Dashboard Admin.

        **Both Auto approval and Sign In on Submission will allow the kiosk user to sign in without the required documents going through the admin approval process**

  • If you want to make vaccination documentation a requirement for entry and you'd like to block entry for those who do not provide vaccination documentation, you can check the “Require Document” box : 

Influenza Vaccination Exemption

  • If you'd like to require exemption documentation for those that haven't received the Influenza vaccine, you'll navigate to the "Vaccination Exemption" tab and check “require document" - this is if you are wanting to collect exemptions & turn away those without an exemption.  Checking the box next to one of the three answers means the kiosk users will need to provide an exemption document in order to enter. 

  • When you are done, click “Save” and exit.

Document Submission

During sign-in, required visitors will be asked if they have been vaccinated for the flu this current season. If they answer yes, we check the settings of the template and react accordingly.  If documentation is required, we will collect the date of vaccination and ask if the vaccine was provided onsite or not. 

Then we will collect an image of the document, if they have one and their sign-in will continue. 

If kiosk user answers No, I have an Exemption or Choose Not to Say, we will check the settings of the template and react accordingly. If they provide an exemption, we will collect an image of the document and the expiration date. 


Document Review

Once documents have been submitted, a dashboard users will need to log into the Accushield dashboard and review these documents. Learn more about that review / verification process here.

Influenza Reports

Document Management reporting allows for a Dashboard Admin to view what documents have been submitted during a specified time frame. 

There is a variety of reporting you can review from within the Accushield Dashboard. The first form of reporting can be found by navigating to the "Documents" tab & clicking "Reports" You can filter the report if needed by clicking on the "Search by" dropdown. You are able to export the report to a .csv file for easy review.


There are also two reports that can be found by hovering over the "Reports" tab and those are the "HCP Influenza Vaccination Tracking Log" and the "HCP Influenza Vaccination Cumulative Summary" - These reports will allow you to pull all NHSN-HCP Influenza records collected by Accushield as required by the CDC. 

When viewing one of those reports, select the date to see a preview of the data and click the "Export" button to have a downloadable version. 

On the "HCP Influenza Vaccination Cumulative Summary"  report, you’ll notice there are two “View Exported Files” buttons on this page.  The one at the top of the page (just next to the “Export to CSV” button) is for downloading the CSV formatted version of the report is for downloading and uploading it to the NHSN using the CDC formatting.  This report only has one row of data showing counts of all the various column labels given by the NHSN. 

On the right side of the page, you’ll see the other “View Exported Files” button. Downloading this report will give you the “Stylized Report.” This version contains a matrix display of all different HCP categories in the vertical columns contrasted with the various vaccination statuses on the left.


I want to ask visitors if they’ve been vaccinated, but I don't care about collecting documents. Is that possible?

Yes. If you want to ask visitors about their Flu vaccination status, but not collect a document, uncheck the box underneath “Require Document when Flu vaccination status question “Have you received the Flu vaccine?” is answered as:" when setting up campaign.

I would like to collect documents, but not block visitors from entry if they don’t have a vaccine?

If you want to collect vaccine documentation, but not block visitors from entering if they do not have the document, then we'd recommend making the grace period a very long. (1000 days is the max)

Thanks for your interest in Document Management! 

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