We understand that meeting staffing requirements for your facility can be both challenging and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. With Accushield’s Agency Staffing Report, you are equipped with powerful insights that will give you more control over your spending. Accessible via the Dashboard, easily track agency staffing hours from a corporate or community level based on how your providers are signing into the kiosk.

Kiosk Sign-in Flow

As a provider from an Agency Staffing company, who is in the building to fill a scheduled shift, their sign in flow will look like the following: 

  • The visitor category for Healthcare or Service Providers will be updated to say ‘Healthcare/Service Provider or Agency Staffing

    • If you have previously customized your visitor categories, your Healthcare/Service Provider visitor category will not change. If you would like to include Agency Staff in the visitor label, please reach out to communitysupport@accushield.com. 

  • On the ‘Reason for Visiting’ screen, there will now be an option for Agency Staffing providers to choose, which will say 'Fill a Shift (Agency Staffing)'

  • Once this is selected, the Agency Staffing provider will be asked to confirm their selection. 

  • Upon confirming that they are in the building to fill a shift, they will be asked how long they have been contracted to work. 

  • On the Kiosk ledger, you will be able to quickly identify who is in the building to fill a shift, as under the 'Visiting' column will be Fill a Shift. Next to 'Fill a Shift' will be the number of hours the provider has been contracted to work. 

    • For example, in the image of the ledger below, the Agency Staffing provider is contracted to work in the building for 8 hours. 

Dashboard | Reporting

As a Corporate or Community Dashboard user, you have access to Agency Staffing reporting that will provide insight into total Agency Staffing usage through reports that display the:

  • Total Companies that have had at least one provider select that they are filling a shift. A company will only be attributed to this total count one time, even if they have multiple visits throughout the time period being viewed. 

  • Total Hours served at your building(s) during the time period selected. Total hours is calculated by the kiosk sign-in duration of all Agency Staffing providers and is displayed in hours and minute conversion (e.g. if an agency staffing provider signed in for 1 hour and 15 minutes, 1.25 would be attributed to the total hours). 

  • Contracted hours and kiosk sign in duration comparison displays the number of hours
    an Agency Staffing provider selected as being contracted to work in the building
    during their sign in (
    Contracted hours), compared to the total time that a provider was signed
    into the kiosk (
    Sign-in duration). If the sign-in duration exceeds the contracted hours, your Agency Staffing providers may not be signing out of the kiosk. Alternatively, if contracted hours exceeds sign-in duration, your Agency Staffing providers may not be staying in the building as long as expected.

    • Agency Staffing Sign Out Percentage shows you the sign out percentage of all visits made by an Agency Staffing provider. The higher the percentage, the more your Agency Staffing providers are signing out, and the more accurate your Total Hours data will be. 

  • Top Service Types displays the top services that have been provided by an Agency Staffing provider. On a community view of the Agency Staffing report, you can see the full list of services provided from Agency Staff by exporting and sorting the Agency Staffing log at the bottom of the page.

  • Peak Sign-in Times (community view only) provides insight into which hours of the day you have the most Agency Staffing providers signing in. This may help with understanding which shifts you need to fill when hiring new employees. The information is shown in 2-hour increments. For example, if hovered over 8am, the visit count is showing the number of visits between 8 and 10am. 

  • Corporate and Community Agency Staffing Logs

    • From the Corporate level, view which communities within your portfolio have the most Agency Staffing sign-ins, hours served by providers filling a shift, and more. 

    • From the Community level, identify which Agency Staffing providers are in your building most often, and which positions you need filled most. 

To access the Agency Staffing report, hover over the 'Reports' tab and select the 'Agency Staffing Report' which can be found at the bottom of the list.


My agency staff are trying to select their contracted shift time, but it stops them after a certain number of hours. With the shift length selector, your Agency Staff can not choose any time past your community's Auto Sign out default time. So, if your default auto sign out time is 14 hours, but you have Agency Staff who may work 16 hours, you will want to increase your auto sign out time using these instructions

Do these Agency Staffing providers need to identify what residents they are seeing? When an Agency Staffing provider signs in, you will want them to select "Fill a Shift" instead of a specific resident they may see during their shift as the Agency Staffing providers may be caring for many residents during their time in the building

I do not want the visitor category to mention Agency Staffing, can I change it? Sure! Please email us at communitysupport@accushield.com with your requested visitor category name change. 

Can I disable this feature, including the "Fill a Shift" optionIf you are not interested in the feature, simply disable the feature from the Settings --> Sign In Features tab by unchecking the 'Agency Staffing Sign In' and saving the changes. Should you disable the feature, your previously collected data can still be found in the dashboard. If you have any suggestions on how we can make this feature more useful to you, please email us at ideas@accushield.com

Thanks for your partnership!

For support, contact us at communitysupport@accushield.com

For feedback on this and other features, please email us at ideas@accushield.com