Does the Reputation Accelerator feature cost money? 

  • Yes, the Reputation Accelerator feature does have an associated monthly cost. For details, please email and a team member will assist you with pricing. 

How do I turn on Reputation Accelerator? 





How do I create a campaign?  


Can I edit the information in my campaign once I've published it? 

  • There are a few fields you can update after a campaign has been published - such as the schedule for when the campaign runs, how often you're prompting your visitors to leave feedback, your custom goodbye messaging and your review website URL's. You can also add or edit campaign alerts at anytime. See the Reputation Accelerator article for more instructions.


Can I have more than one Survey or Review campaign at a time? 

  • Yes you can! You can have multiple campaigns running - as long as the visitor types that you're targeting are not overlapped. For example - you can have a survey-focused campaign targeting your staff running at the same time you have a review-focused campaign targeting family, volunteers and service providers. But you could not add your staff to that secondary campaign to ALSO leave reviews. 


Where do I create the review or survey URL's? 

Why are their comments in my campaign reports?

  • Comments are collected when visitors rate on the mobile app. The mobile app has a section for comments that is optional. You are only able to leave comments through the mobile app. 

Why did the ratings scale change from emojis to stars?

  • We wanted a cleaner look and the ability to make it easier for visitors to leave a rating for multiple categories. 

Have the review prompts changed? Have the asks for sending a review changed?

  • Yes and No.  Once an internal rating is complete there are three updated external review request options.
    1. Google Business Page review has been updated to comply with their review rules
      • This enables our future so that we can integrate with Google and attribute reviews to your campaigns audience.
    2. Website: put whatever link you want to send next.  A more detailed survey, a social media link.  Be creative!
    3. Nowhere:  If you just want to step your toes in the sand before sending an external Google link.  Great!  Try out asking for the internal ratings and learn how to operationalize the feedback in your community.  We can help too!

How often does the user get prompted to to leave a review after we have setup the campaign?

  • Once you have created a campaign, the kiosk will ask users to complete the survey. If they choose to fill these out at a later date, the system will ask them every time they sign-in and sign-out until they have filled out the rating categories. The rating will not be prompted to them again until your campaign frequency time span is finished.

How fast can I have access to the feature once I've sent my inquiry? 

  • Once you talk with a team member and discuss pricing and get a demo of the feature, they will inform you of the turnaround time.