The reporting for all campaigns can be found in the "Campaign Report" tab under Marketing in your Dashboard. On this page, you can also pause or edit current running campaigns by scrolling down to the campaign under campaign snapshot.

  • If you'd like to see even more data - click the "Download Report" button.

When downloading a report, you can select an existing campaign, then select a date range, then download the report.

 You can also click the Report icon and download the campaign as well.

After downloading the campaign data, an Excel sheet will be downloaded. Once that sheet is opened, you can review information such as...

  • When the visitor left feedback, campaign frequency, which campaign they left feedback for, the visitor's name, phone number, visitor type, the campaign URL, what their feedback rating was and if they said yes to receiving a review/survey link to leave further feedback. If they do say yes to receiving that link, you can see how they asked to receive that link (either via text or email) and then the visitor's email address or phone number. 

Leaving Feedback


Feedback is prompted during the sign out and sign in of a visitor who meets the criteria set for the campaign. They can leave this feedback through the Accushield kiosk or the Accushield mobile app. 



  • Tap "Sign Out" on the kiosk and follow the prompts.
  • After selecting who you are here to visit, the feedback question is asked.
  • Answer the question "Please tell us how satisfied you are with our community." If an email was entered previously, the survey link will be sent via email.


  • If a visitor fails to leave a rating during Sign-Out, they will be prompted to leave a rating during Sign-In.


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