Accushield’s Respirator Fit Test will allow you to effectively manage your mask fit program with pre-built OSHA protocols to identify and track respirator needs. You’ll be able to easily document the types of masks each staff member needs to ensure the safety of your building as well as identify the next fit-test date to ensure OSHA compliance. Outdated paper logs and excel spreadsheets are now replaced with digital documenting and tracking.

Where do I find it?

Next time you log into the dashboard, you will notice the Documents tab has been replaced by our growing suite of Infection Prevention & Control tools - simply titled Control for short. While hovering over the new Control tab, you will see the familiar Documents tool and the new Respirators tab.

If you have not purchased the Respirators feature, you will see a form where you can request a demo. 


Once you have purchased the feature and it's been enabled, navigate to the Respirators area under the Control tab and then click on Settings. 

Continue scrolling and you will find two configurable alerts. First the Test Administrator Alert and second the Employee Tested Alert. If toggled on, either the person signed in to the dashboard performing the test or the staff being tested (or both if selected) will receive an email or text after their current fit test expires.

Once you have finished configuring your fit test settings, be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom right of the page. 

Overview Page

Upon saving your settings, you’ll automatically be redirected to the Overview page. This is your home for managing fit test compliance. From here, you can see who needs a fit test in your facility as well as fit tests that are expiring soon. You can view and manage the details of tests, and add new fit tests by clicking on the green plus icons next to someone's name. 

In addition, you can also click Add New Test or click on the Create tab to launch directly into the fit test form where you can search for the staff member you wish to test. 

While performing a fit test you will need to provide a medical evaluation, and if applicable, a medical exemption. If a medical exemption is provided, the test will end, but you will still need to save the results at the bottom. 

After selecting the type of respirator you wish to test, you will arrive at the fit test procedure. All checks must be changed to either Pass or Fail. If any of the checks fail, the test will end and you will need to save the results. You will then be prompted if you would like to retest now with a different respirator, or retest later. 

At the bottom of the page you will need the staff to sign their name. Then you will provide your signature and save the test results by clicking the SAVE button at the bottom.