Your community's Dashboard Admin can search and edit Service Provider profiles to facilitate entry to your facilities via the Accushield Mobile Application and the Accushield Kiosk. 

Follow the steps below to edit an existing Service Provider account in the Dashboard

  • Sign in to the Dashboard

  • Select “Accounts” and then “Service Providers” from the menu

  • Filter by either First Name, Last Name, Phone Number - OR - by choosing a Date range

  • Click ‘Apply’ to apply the filters used.  A table of results will render on the right. 


You can also filter/exclude records further by selecting Service Types, Company names or Group SMS options in the left navigation bar. 

  • Use the top Search bar in the results section to further refine your table results.  You can search by First Name, Last Name, Company name or Service Type

  • You can also sort the data rendered by clicking on the column headers (First Name, Last Name, Company name, Service Type)

Click on either First Name or Last Name of the Service Provider account you would like to edit.  A modal window will appear with the person’s account information.

  • Currently, you can only edit the Group SMS preference ('opt in' or ‘opt out’) on their profile.  

  • Click ‘Save’ to commit the changes or ‘Close’ to cancel the edit actions and return to the list screen

  • NOTE:  You cannot edit the Phone Number field, address, company or service type at this time. If you need to modify any of that data for an existing Service Provider account, please have that Service Provider contact Accushield Community Support for additional needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at